MARK YOUR CALENDAR for 11.17.2020!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead 

Don't get stuck saying "not there." BE HERE NOW. Join your neighbors for a joyful uprising to fight for the right for planet, people, pleasure and party. Sound crazy? Well, the world is a little crazy right now, but that didn't stop the VELVET REVOLUTION from an uprising in Prague, or the SINGING REVOLUTION. from creating change in Estonia. 

Where is the WORLD JUBILEE!? Good Question!

Where do you live?

WONDERFUL! Because that's where the WORLD JUBILEE is!

The World Jubilee! is a gathering to celebrate creation, and honor planet, people and pleasure, will take place in neighborhoods, town centers, state capitals and places all over the world.  YOU are invited to be a Drum Major for Justice and create a parade/celebration/gathering with your community. 

You can officially register by sending us an email or by filling out the form on this website (coming soon). It can be a parade from Point A to Point B, or it can be a celebration in your town square. The premise is up to you. The idea is to come together, on this special day, and MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE for people, planet & pleasure. We will be creating an ORGANIZER’S HANDY PLANNER to help you craft your experience, or you can go DIY. Be visionary! Have FUN. Foster PEACE, COMPASSION & JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Get started planning your jubilee now! Make banners with important quotes, make (or borrow) puppets, create costumes, invite stilt walkers & fire spinners  to save the date -- rustle up a crew of people who will help make a joyful noise.  THE JOYFUL REVOLUTION will provide kazoos for your jubilee! How many do you need? Let us know -- we’re working on getting a LOT OF KAZOOS now!  Stay tuned (cause we'll need your support).

Enlist friends, neighbors, & your tribe. This is going to be a kickoff unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Imagine XTINCTION REBELLION meets OCCUPY WALL STREET meets an ABSURDIST PARADE meets WE THE PEOPLE.

GET CREATIVE! Make sure the planning process is pleasurable & collaborative -- and let’s take it to the streets! If you are not having FUN, you are doing it WRONG.

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