Grab a kazoo! Get Creative! Dance in the Streets!


Step 1: Identify PAIN POINTS in your city (ideas: housing, transportation, hunger)

Step 2: Identify a solution YOU CAN DO 


THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Let’s take action ourselves. Cook extra and take a meal to your neighbor in need. Sit on the porch with an elder. Hang out and listen to some young folks. Come together and  build a bus stop, Put a bench in your front yard for the neighborhood to enjoy. Create a garden that overlaps property lines and work together to tend it and share its bounty. Carpool with your community -- utilize the car sharing apps online. Launch a local Currency. Opt into cooperative health care outside the traditional system. Barter for services - healthcare, food, babysitting, chores, maintenance. Stop Shopping. Potluck for Power (connect & empower). Utilize your extra bedroom for an elder or struggling student. Whatever we do, let us be intentional in our investments of resources and time. There are so many ways we can joyfully revolt in our daily lives. DO IT -- and let us know about it #JoyfulRevolution

The Joyful rEvolution is driven by people united to honor the sanctity and interconnectivity of everything on this planet. We oppose the commodification of the Earth by challenging archaic notions that lead to ecological disaster and advance racism, sexism, classism, ageism, and all “othering” methodologies. We are possibilitarians, inspired by poets, artists, philosophers, spiritual visionaries and leaders who joyfully serve our planet. All are welcome. The time is now!

Let's take to the streets! YOU are invited to lead a parade in your neighborhood, town square, or state capital. Bang a drum. Dance in the streets. We are called to be Drum Majors for Justice! Host a community potluck. Occupy your town square. Spark your creativity to empower yourself – and all people – to proactively use our collective voice for good in this global movement for the people, by the people.  Let’s make a joyful noise for justice. The more, the merrier. 

Banner photo: Armenian Dancing Revolution 2018, by the Washington Post

Some ideas we are championing into action in the USA:

  • A living wage for all
  • Universal health care for all 
  • Quality education through college for all  
  • Renewable energy to replace fossil fuels 
  • Eco-nomics to protect the planet  Dismantle military & prison industrial complex 
  • Compassionate immigration   Decriminalization of personal rights   Restoring power to the local community 
  • An equal voice for all